There is a need.


Every year hundreds of thousands of children enter the foster care system. In 2014 over 100,000 youth were waiting for adoption while 50,600 were actually adopted. Worst of all, 22,392 children were emancipated, meaning they exited the foster care system without a permanent, legal family.
“Fostering an Unconditional Love” is a documentary program that aims to educate the public on the plight of these children, to share the efforts of the people who work to help them, and to build an awareness of what can be done to address this serious national issue.
Each state operates and oversees it's own foster care system and the laws vary from state to state, but the issue of finding a home for these children and its challenges are the same no matter where the child is from. In “Fostering an Unconditional Love” the foster care system in Kentucky serves as a proxy for the greater national issue of children in need of a home of their own.



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